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welcome to tls reporting

TLS Reporting will handle your complex civil litigation case from the first hearing, the discovery phase and on through the trial!

TLS Reporting Inc. is REINVENTING Court Reporting in South Florida!

We will maintain consistency when providing your Court Reporting needs.


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  • Personalized communication
  • Immediate response to your requests
  • Attention to detail
  • Schedule the same reporter as often as possible and always provide experienced, knowledgeable and professional court reporters.

TLS Reporting will take the reins from your staff and provide a smooth and efficient litigation support experience.

We will provide your firm with the latest technology available – from on-site iPads to online streaming. We have the experience and knowledge base to ensure your discovery needs will be met.

TLS Reporting has access to the best-qualified freelance reporters covering all of South Florida. We specialize in instant delivery of the final transcript. Rough drafts of transcripts will be sent via e-mail within 30 minutes from the end of proceedings. Appeal-ready transcripts can be delivered via e-mail within 4 hours from the end of proceedings.

TLS Reporting will provide any file format your support staff requires:

  • PDF (. pdf)
  • PDF mini with word index
  • E-Tran with word index (. ptx)
  • ASCII (. txt)

Contact us to set a deposition, trial or hearing.


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    Schedule a Court Reporter

    For a NEW and IMPROVED EXPERIENCE: Contact TLS Reporting now to schedule your Depositions, Hearings or Trials and let our experienced and knowledgable Court Reporters serve your needs.

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    Law Firms

    For a UNIQUE and AMAZING EXPERIENCE: TLS Reporting provides you with the individualized service you expect and deserve from Professional, Skilled, and Experienced Court Reporters, 24/7! With understanding of litigation scheduling and strategy changes, TLS Reporting reacts and adjusts to every change.

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    Paralegals/Admin. Assistants

    Entrusting TLS Reporting with your discovery needs will make your job easier and less stressful! Our experience and knowledge will ensure all depositions, hearings, and trials are handled efficiently.

  • Icon Court Reporting

    Litigation Support

    TLS Reporting offers cutting-edge technology in Litigation Support: File Formats (E-Tran, PDF, ASCII plus Mini with word index, Master Index for trial proceedings), Scanned Exhibits/Hard Copy Exhibits, Replacement files...TLS Reporting is here to serve your needs. Have a specific request, just ask!


  • Tracey Spatara Locastro

    Tracey Spatara Locastro


    Tracey Spatara LoCastro has been reporting since 1984 and began providing Realtime....

  • Julie Spatara Kavekos

    Julie Spatara Kavekos

    Julie has been partnered with Tracey LoCastro in all aspects of the editing and production of transcripts since 2001....

  • James A. LoCastro

    James A. LoCastro

    Being by Tracey's side for the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity to learn about the court reporting industry. Using that....

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